Academic Integrity

Clarification Statement

Recent articles in the Daily Evergreen have highlighted the increasing use of commercial note-taking services.  Below is a statement of clarification regarding these services:

Any course-related materials, presentations, lectures, etc. are the instructor’s intellectual property and may be protected by copyright.  Selling class notes through commercial note taking services, without the written advance permission of the course instructor, could be viewed as copyright infringement and/or an academic integrity violation, WAC 504-26-010 (3)(a,b,c,i). 

Further, the use of University electronic resources (e.g., Angel) for commercial purposes, includingadvertising to other students to buy notes, is a violation of WSU’s computer abuses and theft policy (WAC 504-26-218), a violation of WSU’s Electronic Communication policy (EP 4), and also violates the terms of use for the Angel software program. 

Another important consideration regarding commercial note-selling is the educational value of such an activity., for example, assumes zero liability for the content on its site.  There is no guarantee the information is factual or even pertains to the class discussion.  Purchasers have no assurances of the quality of what they are buying.